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 Giving kids a solid start through sports




Children deserve the best possible chance at a good life. By providing after school sports programs, the Inner City Ducks is helping children build positive habits that that lead to success.

The Ducks are using sport to motivate young boys and girls to develop habits that can have a life-long impact. Working with the Ducks, Volunteer coaches offer guidance and serve as mentors. Influential community leaders who have come from similar backgrounds often interact with the children, offering examples for them to model.



Our History

  When fundingimage683 disappeared for after-school athletiimage686cs, there was a tremendous hole inner-city youth. The Inner City Ducks stepped up to fill the void. Starting with a strong Fall football program in 2019, The Ducks have plans to continue building from the current roster of 30-35 athletes to over 150 participants, and to add a basketball league as well. Organizers for the Ducks believe that offering positive opportunities and role models to these young boys and girls are building blocks that will create a successful future. By helping these youngsters develop positive life skills, families and the larger community also benefit.  The Ducks inspirational story has been featured on WCCO and is quickly gaining momentum.  

Our Goals


  Spring and Fall football sessions are available for boys up to age 14. Boys up to age 12 participate in local football leagues, while boys ages 13-14 participate on a traveling team. Winter and summer basketball sessions are open to girls and boys. All sessions are held after school. 

Your donations fund costs for uniforms, equipment, and travel,  which are provided free of charge to the athletes.

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