About Us


Nick Dilday


Nick spends his days working in the Hennepin Juvenile Detention Center as a corrections officer. His passion for the Ducks is rooted in his desire to never see members of the team at his work. Nick attributes his success in life to participation in athletics as a young person. He serves as a Ducks coach for basketball and football.


Shakeel Nelson


The son of an incarcerated father, Shakeel  was determined not to follow the same path as his father. His calling is to help other boys in underserved parts of his community maximize their potential. Through Shakeel’s coaching and mentorship, he helps the Ducks understand how they can succeed and flourish in life. 

Don MacPherson

Don MacPherson

 Don is a five-time entrepreneur who has been mentoring young people for nearly 30 years. Shakeel and Don were matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters in 2003 and have been close ever since. Don has a love for sports and helping people reach their full human potential. Don helps with strategic direction, fund raising, and building awareness for the Ducks.